Shipwrecked (Aeon 1-1: Mara 1st 763 UM)

The ship Endurance crashes into a strange sarcophagus in the water. As the ship starts to take on water, sahuagin start to climb on board. Finn, a guard on the boat, starts to shoot the ones he can. H’ada, chained to oars, breaks free and escapes. And from the sarcophagus, Proteus emerges. Though the rest of the crew and slaves die, they make their way to the lifeboat and escape while the sahuagin make off with a strange, humming black orb.

Sophia (Aeon 1-2: Mara 2-3 763 UM)

The lifeboat is found by the Wavewardens, who bring them back to land. But as the barbarian is an escaped fugitive from the Bastide Reformatory, and the monster could pose a threat, they are forced to accept terms from Sophia von Ricter. She wants them to investigate the murder of a halfling priest. His body has been stolen so no one can use Speak with Dead, and Sophia’s boss, Relin Trias, is defending the murderer, Durgin Blaze. They discover Trias has taken the body, and regain it from a labyrinth below the Temple of Asmodeus.

Pale Dogs Must Die: (Aeon 1-3 Mara 3 763 UM)

While continuing their investigation, H’ada and Finn meet Jack Stark. They arrange to meet Sophia at a predetermined place, but while waiting, are ambushed by the Pale Dogs, who steal their money. The three of them kill the Pale Dogs and write “Pale Dogs Must Die” in their blood on the walls.

Father Issues (Aeon 1-4: Mara 4th 763 UM)

After giving the body of the halfling to Sophia, she asks them to keep the gallows safe during the execution. Finn runs into an old friend of his mother’s, who has been horribly abused and alchemically altered. She dies begging for mercy and mentions the Jester. They search for the Jester who has been killing a number of people in The Rookery. The Pale Dogs are the closest to order the Rookery has. When they return to their hotel, they are kicked out as Finn’s father has discovered they were there.

The Jester (Aeon 1-5 Mara 5 763 UM)

H’ada and Finn find Stark again and the three of them hunt down the Jester. They find out the alchemy used on the bodies comes from hellweed, and the Pale Dogs have a hellweed operation in the southeast corner of the Rookery. They find it and kill the people in it. Finn throws one of them down the Grimaud Chasm. They get their answers as to where The Jester is as well, and go find him and kill him. They find a letter on his body from Methusaleh Fell, that shows he was working for a larger conspiracy until the conspiracy let him loose.

Take Me To The Riot (Aeon 1-6: Mara 7th 763 UM)

H’ada, Finn, Stark, and Proteus convince Swami, Xarizah, and Lucien to help them keep order during the execution of Durgin Blaze and the other three Loyalists who tried to break into the prison and save him.

They soon discover that there are two buildings, one of which has a sniper and the other, a wizard, staring at the gallows. Stark goes towards the wizard, but is attacked by a gargoyle before he can get there. Finn finds his own hiding place. Swami goes to face the sniper. Xarizah hides in the crowd and waits for opportunity.

Upon seeing his father, Finn shoots and wounds him. Assuming it’s the sniper, H’ada, Proteus, Lucien, and Sophia take him back to Sophia’s temple for healing. The actual sniper starts picking off people in the crowd. Swami faces off against the Secessionists and Finn defeats the sniper. Stark kills the gargoyle, but the wizard casts Dimension Door into the middle of the riot, raises the ones who were executed, and teleports out. The group comes together to kill the wights and stop the riot before it destroys the city.

Tired from all of that, they return to their lodgings, to find 25 Pale Dogs waiting for them. The Balacazar Syndicate shows up and kills them all, then offers them a job.

Crossfire (Aeon 2-1 Mara 8th 763 UM)

Dmitri Balacazar offers the group a job. A Pale Dog named Orion Clay has stolen an arcane book from them and they want it back. He’s hopped a ship called the Baroness and is on his way to Swordspoint. Balacazar offers them a ship called the Smerdyakov, but when they go to take it, they find it’s been overrun by escaped convicts from the Bastide Reformatory, and they’ve kidnapped several people, including Stark’s son, with intent to kill. Worse, the Order of the Radiant Blade is pulling out cannons to sink the ship to stop the convicts.

Xarizah single-handedly sneaks into the building with the cannons, kills the Radiant Blades, and then sabotages the cannon. Proteus goes beneath the waves and finds Anchor, another of her kind, but one encrusted with barnacles and incapable of speech. When Anchor is freed, the ship above it is as well, but the cannons did enough damage that it still can’t move.

H’ada, Stark, and Swami offer themselves up to the convicts, but cannot convince them to let the hostages go. It has to end in bloodshed, even though both Swami and H’ada know the ruthlessness of the Bastide Reformatory and the fact that, in a worse world, either of them could have been in these convicts’ position.

The Devil's Advocate (Aeon 2-2 8th-9th Mara 763 UM)

Primary H’ada solo game.

H’ada is crafting his bone-blades, but as he has not yet mastered the bone magic of his people, he enlists the help of the only necromancer he’s dealt with—Relin Trias, high priest of the Asmodean Church. Relin Trias is being stalked by a troll and refuses to explain the situation, but opts to trade a spell making the bone-blades enchanted for H’ada dealing with the troll. He also helps H’ada with Aeonian law, for a fee, and helps H’ada purchase two buildings in the slums. One of those buildings is being squatted in by the Pale Dogs.

To fight off the troll, H’ada enlists the aid of Proteus, whose alkali solution dissolves it before it can rise again. In exchange, Proteus is given a book about Everard and the name Methusaleh Fell, an elven survivor of the fall who has since gone into hiding.

Encounter at Swordspoint Part One (Aeon 2-3 Mara 9-14 763 UM)

Lucien, H’ada, Finn, and Proteus, along with Anchor, get on the newly repaired Smerdyakov. Dmitri Balacazar makes a deal with Proteus to try to make a deal with Methusaleh Fell. They also find out that Xarizah and Swami have stowed away ahead of time, as Xarizah is desperate for revenge.

The Smerdyakov is captained by Morya Morevna, an Aeonian woman, with an obitu (a living and sentient skeleton) named Ivan as first mate.

On the way to Swordspoint, they stop by three temples on the easternmost island of The Shoals, the forested elven islands that are further into the Unmade Ocean than anything else on the continent. There, they make a sacrifice to each of the three ocean-gods: Desna (travel) Gozreh (Ocean and sky) and Zugmugot (Drownings and shipwrecks.) The temple of Zugmugot is made out of flotsam and the wreckage of shipwrecks. Anchor starts tearing it apart and hammering pieces together as if possessed. Two Graven Guardians attempt to stop them but are destroyed. When asked why he did it, all Anchor can do is point at Ivan.

They leave the island and make their way through a storm until finally they reach Swordspoint. Lucien deals with Dominic Renault, one of the co-rulers of the guild, and an old Mordantian family that has had dealings with Lucien’s family through his Tristeid Guild. Dominic finds out where Orion Clay is, and also finds out that the book has already been sold to Ibrahaxis, a local cleric of Iomedae.

They enter the safe house Orion Clay is staying in and find a secret passageway. They destroy four kyton augurs in the basement.

Encounter at Swordspoint Parts Two and Three (Aeon 2-4, 2-5 Mara 14-20 763 UM)

The entire group reconvenes in the safehouse and goes into the cave structure. They find Orion Clay and Adelaide. Xarizah steals Clay’s sword and stabs him with it while Adelaide falls off a platform. Her body continues to regenerate due to troll-skin grafting.

They interrogate Adelaide about what she was doing. They learn Talbot Crawe was paying for the safehouse and was using Orion to investigate Asheren and the Forsaken, a group of necromancers who live in Aeon. They also learn that a Kyton was in Swordspoint and was paid to head north towards Aeon for reasons unknown.

They go to find the grimoire from the cleric Ibrahaxis, who believes they are brigands and starts fighting them—or, rather, causing them to fight one another. The grimoire possesses H’ada, while the antimagical safe it was locked in causes Proteus to collapse. They manage to take both from Ibrahaxis and leave him.

Ibrahaxis contacts the Knights of the Chain and tells them of the robbery. Thirty members try to capture H’ada, Finn, Proteus, and Lucien. H’ada takes fifteen of them on a chase through the city, creating traps as he goes. He falls victim to his own trap and lands, prone, surrounded by seven of the guards. He fights them off but falls victim to their numbers, bleeding out. A group of mendicants find him and the wounded guards and heal both.

Meanwhile, the other fifteen go to the hotel where Finn and Lucien are trying to open the safe. Finn tries to fend them off with Adelaide’s help while Lucien works on re-opening the safe. Proteus tries to take the book and fails. Adelaide escapes, and Finn and Proteus work together to fend off the rest of the Knights of the Chain.

They get the safe open, put the book inside, and rush to the Smerdyakov and back to Aeon.

On the trip back, a tidal wave nearly knocks the Smerdyakov under water, but Anchor saves the day.

Upon returning to Aeon, Dmitri Balacazar tells Proteus he can’t set up a meeting with Methusaleh Fell, but he can set up one with Fell’s former apprentice: the dean of Apollinaire University, Fyodor Ionovich.


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