Pale Dogs Must Die: (Aeon 1-3 Mara 3 763 UM)

While continuing their investigation, H’ada and Finn meet Jack Stark. They arrange to meet Sophia at a predetermined place, but while waiting, are ambushed by the Pale Dogs, who steal their money. The three of them kill the Pale Dogs and write “Pale Dogs Must Die” in their blood on the walls.

Sophia (Aeon 1-2: Mara 2-3 763 UM)

The lifeboat is found by the Wavewardens, who bring them back to land. But as the barbarian is an escaped fugitive from the Bastide Reformatory, and the monster could pose a threat, they are forced to accept terms from Sophia von Ricter. She wants them to investigate the murder of a halfling priest. His body has been stolen so no one can use Speak with Dead, and Sophia’s boss, Relin Trias, is defending the murderer, Durgin Blaze. They discover Trias has taken the body, and regain it from a labyrinth below the Temple of Asmodeus.

Shipwrecked (Aeon 1-1: Mara 1st 763 UM)

The ship Endurance crashes into a strange sarcophagus in the water. As the ship starts to take on water, sahuagin start to climb on board. Finn, a guard on the boat, starts to shoot the ones he can. H’ada, chained to oars, breaks free and escapes. And from the sarcophagus, Proteus emerges. Though the rest of the crew and slaves die, they make their way to the lifeboat and escape while the sahuagin make off with a strange, humming black orb.


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