Convict. Rogue. Saboteur.


Xarizah is an orphan from the streets of The Rookery, the most poverty-stricken and dangerous part of Aeon. While a child, her and a friend attempted to steal food to survive. They were called out by Orion Clay, a half-orc thug. Her friend was killed, and she went berserk trying to kill the guard who did it. She was instead captured and thrown into prison, where she was taught even more tricks of the trade by older cellmates. Now that she’s out, she’s found out that Clay is a prominent member of the Pale Dogs, and she’s determined to destroy it.

Aspects: Saboteur
Natasya (Kitten!)

Important NPCs:

Orion Clay: the thug who got Xarizah captured and her friend killed.
Karthus: her mentor in prison.
Natasya: her adorable kitten
Sophia von Ricter: a cleric of Asmodeus and an advocate, who hired her.
Dmitri Balacazar: a scion of a crime family, who hired her.


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