A former god of a long-vanished kingdom, trying to regain its power and learn the new world it lives in.



Proteus was the first alchemical golem, sentient and itself designed by a cabal of sentient golems called the Self-Forged. The leader of the Self-Forged was named Prometheus. The cabal each put some of their life-force into Proteus, giving it incredible powers beyond the ken of other golems.

Proteus ruled as a god among golems in Ancient Everard, working as part of a hive-mind with the other Self-Forged. Proteus’ duty was to study mortal life. It worked as a vivisectionist, an anthropologist, an archaeologist, and a biochemist.

Unfortunately, something went wrong. Proteus started to weaken, day by day, and the rot was spreading to other golems, including members of the Self-Forged. The Self-Forged determined that the only way to save the golems of Everard was to lock all infected golems away in sarcophagi. Proteus believed that the rot was created as a weapon against Itself by a member of the cabal, and wishes to know which one it was and destroy it. Unfortunately, none of the Self-Forged anticipated the fall of Everard almost a millenium ago, which has caused them to live beneath the waves, rusting, until now.

Aspects: I Was Once A God (Tech Virus)

I Do Not Understand Your Paltry Emotions I Will Find The Self-Forged Again

Important NPC relationships:

Anchor: a barnacle-encrusted self-forged that cannot speak

Methusaleh Fell: An elf from Everard. Currently in Aeon but specific whereabouts unknown.

Sophia von Rictor: a cleric of Asmodeus and an advocate who hired Proteus

Dmitri Balacazar: a scion of a crime family who has hired Proteus


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