Khalid Kasabian

Psion Pariah


Khalid is from the free city of Khanduri. Displaying great intelligence as a child, he quickly found a place assisting his merchant father. Growing up, Khalid developed great joy in manipulating the other children to benefit himself and quickly took care to make any bullies become his allies. During this time he realized he had supernatural powers beyond his superior intellect. As a teenager and through his young adult years he developed psionic methods to further his manipulations and con those he came across. His cocky disposition and superior attitude eventually led to his family disowning him as he was a shame and liability to the family.

He eventually found his way to Mordant seeking the power and fortune he felt was a birthright for someone with his gifts. Eventually he fell in with the Guild of the Steady Hand led by Chalker Shinepil. The guild specialized in gambling houses scattered around New Everard. His skills quickly brought him prominence in the guild, which Khalid enjoyed greatly. He sought more power however and felt that his proper spot in the guild was at the top. He hatched a plan to destroy the upper management of the guild leaving a vacuum for him to take over. His plan fell apart when the outsider band he was feeding information to the Regals was decimated due to the actions of H’ada. Over confident, and with his plans falling apart, Khalid slipped and his actions were revealed. He quickly fled Mordant seeking refuge in Aeon.

His goals are to acquire power, remain hidden from any threats that might after him from Mordant, and expand his psionic abilities to further his manipulations and control of others.

Megalomaniac – Believes he truly gifted. Not only does he believe his intellect towers over those he meets, he believes he is blessed with unique abilities beyond anything granted to followers of a god or magic. This gives him delusions of grandeur that he is the natural superior of all around him.

Cult of personality – Thrives on those who believe his words and strives to lead those he finds beneath him. His ideal method of problem solving is getting others to carry out his will, and revels in the chaos this often brings.

Pariah – Has an unfortunate tendency to become infamous when he has been in one place for too long. He is untrusted and has enemies in certain circles in the free cities and Mordant.

Khalid Kasabian

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