Jack Stark

Secretive, Protective, and Stoic Urban Ranger


Jack Stark is a family man without a family. His estranged wife took his son away, and now he watches from a distance, hoping he can keep them safe when danger comes. He’s been commissioned by the Wavewardens to examine the strange sinking of Endurance and now, Smerdyakov, ships owned by the same shipping magnate that were both sunk by sahuagin.

Aspects: Family Man

Important NPCs:

Ilyana Stark: estranged wife
Renon Stark: estranged son
Aloras: his wife’s new lover, and his childhood best friend turned enemy.
Jacob Prospero: Shipping magnate whose ships keep being sunk
Sophia von Ricter: cleric of Asmodeus and advocate who hired Stark
Dmitri Balacazar: scion of a crime family who has hired Stark

Jack Stark

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