A barbarian from distant lands, captured, branded, and mocked, and now, finally, learning freedom.


Son of the Bone Man and a powerful witch in a distant island that travels the planes. Raised without language and named after the Death God. Upon maturity, his people were attacked by the Mordantian empire. He was taken prisoner and made a fool in their courts. Killed his mentor in an act of mercy, and was captured and branded for it. He finally escaped while a slave on a sinking ship working for the Bastide Reformatory.

Aspects: Name of the Death God
Rogue’s Gallery
Son of the Bone Man


Arsenault Bastion-Berulo: The Mordantian General who attacked his home island.
Abondeus Bastion-Berulo: Arsenault’s father, dead no longer.
Adelaide LeBrun: Former lover, thief, illusionist, daughter of his mentor Bruno, whom he killed in mercy.
Talbot Crawe: Thief-master of Adelaide’s thieving gang.
Lothair: Royal Inquisitor of Mordant
Magga Gilda: his mother, a powerful witch
Jagha: his father, the Bone Man
Domina Bliss: the fey who raised him
The Gravewyrum: an undead monstrosity that made a deal with him for freedom from Domina Bliss
Uuabis’Bheist: the fiend his mother has made a pact with.
Sophia von Ricter: a cleric of Asmodeus and an advocate, who hired him.
Dmitri Balacazar: a scion of a crime family, who hired him.


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