An albino gunslinger who wants revenge against his father for the murder of his mother. Only problem? Killing his father would start a war...


Finn’s mother was a prostitute favoured by Guy Renard, the Mordantian ambassador to Aeon. When she became pregnant and threatened to step forward, thus jeopardizing his future, he instead had her charged with sedition and hanged. Finn was born as his mother died, on the gallows, and several weeks early.

Finn was always poverty-stricken, but he found he was a natural with a gun. He came in first in a marksmanship contest against numerous others, including his father. Renard took it poorly and shot out Finn’s eye.

Aspects: Gallowsborn


Guy Renard: father, ambassador to Mordant
Sophia von Ricter: cleric of Asmodeus, advocate, hired Finn
Dmitri Balacazar: scion of a crime family, hired Finn


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