Two Funerals

As he is now the Bone Man, and must discard his former self, H’ada holds a funeral for himself, and discards of all his worldly possessions save those he himself has made. Afterwards, he and Finn go to his own wake.

One of Finn’s old friends, and an acolyte of Asmodeus, shows up to deliver the news that Relin Trias has been charged with obstruction of justice. Proteus is given a missive from Methusaleh Fell, but ignores it.

Lucien has an invitation to the funeral of Luther dan Eld, and invites Proteus along as well. Babau demons, the same that were found in The Forsaken’s tunnels, attack the funeral and try to assassinate Guy Renard. They manage to burn out his eye before Proteus and Lucien stop them. In return, Guy decides that Mordant is going to be leaving Aeon for good. Proteus gives a message to Renard to pass along to any self-forged living in Mordant.



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