Victakahn Songsteel arrives to tell them that Relin Trias has been tried, convicted, and sent to Carceri, a prison plane, for obstruction of justice. She also mentions, after prodding, that Ibrahaxis, her own mentor, has died, and it is time to fulfill what he wanted: the destruction of the Necronomicon.

Victakahn gets boats from the Harmonium and they head out to destroy the book. A pair of sea drakes slow them down. Victakahn pays them for a job well done and they return to Haven.

When they get back, they find a trail of blood leading inside. Vhereg Cambion stabbed Gerard Cass and panicked, taking him to Haven while searching for Finn. He believes that Cass knows about his double-crossing and has passed the information on to the Pale Dogs. Even as he panicks, Pale Dogs circle the neighbourhood and get into position, then lay in an assault on Haven. The heroes emerge, bloodied but victorious, and prepare for, perhaps, the final confrontation with the Pale Dogs.



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