Rogues In The Keep

H’ada, Xarizah, and Proteus make the trek to Gaulleigne. After asking questions of locals, they glean the information they need and proceed to sneak their way into the keep. Proteus is disguised as a broken golem and casts Skinsend to have its hand detach from the rest of its body and crawl about.

The broken arm is given to a guard to show to Renard and the other officials—Guy Renard, Arsenault Bastion-Berulo, Vendikon (Talbot Crawe in disguise) and Lothair duMarseus, the Inquisitor. Xarizah uses her shadow-jump to sneak into the room where the meeting is being held, and hide. H’ada climbs the tower wall.

After learning the attack plans, Proteus poisons the food, disorienting the four officials and making them turn on each other. Xarizah stabs Arsenault. H’ada leaps in through the window, then tosses Guy out into a pile of hay, and battles Lothair. Proteus keeps Talbot Crawe from fleeing.

However, the guards soon come to attack them and enter the room. The three of them leap out of the window and land in the hay, but, disoriented and prone, are surrounded by Mordantian guards who know they just murdered several diplomats.

Meanwhile, the rest of Proteus’s body is being dragged away to the abandoned Mercyglade Sanitarium.



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