Relin Trias tells H’ada that he wants to call in the favour H’ada owes him—he wants H’ada to swipe a ledger that Mordred Doul, a Pale Dog, has taken. He also tells H’ada that he’s called someone else in for the job, and if that person gets it first, the favour doesn’t count. The other person is Adelaide, H’ada’s old flame.

Khalid goes out to try to find the book and Mordred, with Proteus tagging along, while H’ada tries to find Adelaide. Khalid and Proteus are ambushed by Asheren, out for revenge after the recent murder of the other Forsaken. Khalid uses his psychic power to knock down several gargoyles and escape, but Proteus is left behind and knocked unconscious.

H’ada meanwhile sees a Mordantian ship that had been sunk during its attack on his home island of Tortoryn decades ago. His mother and several other people are on board. He swims out to the ship and engages in one-on-one combat with Lucaje. He’s beaten and almost dead when Anchor lands on the ship and sinks it, dragging H’ada down to the ocean floor with a ring of water breathing. From there, Anchor takes H’ada to meet his father, Jahga the Bone Man.

Khalid meets up with Adelaide, who he remembers from his time in Mordant. He uses psychic power to manipulate her into getting the ledger from Doul’s safehouse, but she emerges stabbed and only her troll-grafts keep her alive. He then commissions the Ugothol to do it. The Ugothol manages to do so, and a copy of the ledger is made before its return.

Proteus wakes up in Shadesteel, the underground facility run by Methusaleh Fell. Asheren sold the body of Proteus to Fell. He has Delta, another of the Self-Forged, with him. Fell offers a cure to the virus rampaging through Proteus if Proteus will use its alchemical talents to create a large bomb for a ballistae. Proteus accepts, and creates the weapon, and is allowed to link with Delta and finally understand what happened that caused its homeland to fall, and where its other brethren are.

H’ada undergoes training from his father to become the Bone Man, and then must end his father to truly gain the legacy which is his.

As the disparate groups finally return home, they are given the news that Luther dan Eld, the creator of the Eld Armistice which ended the war between Mordant and Aeon, has been murdered by secessionists.



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