From the Spire of the Priory, the group sees the creatures of Shadesteel running amok. Lucien and Finn go to the Rookery to keep it safe. Xarizah goes to the Menagerie to find Ugothol. Nameless takes Relin Trias to a safe place. Sophia goes with Proteus and H’ada into the remnants of Shadesteel. They find Methusaleh Fell killed, along with Delta. They battle an Eater of Knowledge which has devoured both their brains.

Afterwards, Fell’s spirit communicates to H’ada through his Bone Man powers and leads him back through the undercity tunnels to Biothaumaturgicalopolis. On the way they meet Xarizah and Ugothol. Sophia uses her knowledge of the law to get passed the barricade into Biothaumaturgicalopolis and they go meet Dirge Limbeck. He tells them about how the planar cannon was taken away from him by Mordant. They get permission to access the psychoscope a second time.

Anchor is at the psychoscope with Mu and Nu, restoring Theta from his mind-blanked state.

Fell’s spirit enters the psychoscope, and through it, H’ada and Proteus entered into his mind. Meanwhile, the psychoscope creates three headless horsemen which Sophia, Ugothol, and Xarizah deal with.

Within Fell’s mind, H’ada and Proteus find a time before Everard fell, when Methusaleh and Eadric the paladin (who is now one of Stark’s fragmented personalities) had worked together. They convince Eadric to overtake Stark when the time is right. They convince Fell to create a failsafe for Shadesteel, and Proteus learns how to cure its condition. They also learn that it was Stark who released the failsafe, as one of the fragmented personalities was a cultist working for Asheren.



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