While Lucien and Finn are trying to keep the Rookery together, a Leukadaemon knocks Finn down into the chasm. It knocks Lucien to the ground and nearly kills him before H’ada and Proteus arrive to save him.

They return to Shadesteel in order to reach the failsafe and have to face down a Kyton Interlocuter who taught Fell and the others how to do grafting. The failsafe banishes all of the outsiders that had been in Shadesteel.

Afterwards, they gather the Bone Dogs and head to the Menagerie, where H’ada’s witch mother, Magga Gilda, has been working with her coven. Aeonian orcs and Varikar orcs are battling in the streets.
As they head forward to face Magga Gilda, they hear chanting towards her patron, Uabis’Bheist the Bloodborne God. The planar cannon of Mordant fires forward at the same time, creating a plane near the Spire of the Priory, and out of the portal to the new plane comes blood.



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