H’ada awakens from a sleep spell to find a rope around his throat. As he fades out he finds himself called before the Death God himself for judgment. He is forced to accept his role as the Bone Man yet again, and this time without wavering.

Finn and Khalid, along with Khalid’s minions, enter Gaulleigne to save H’ada, Xarizah, and Proteus, but the entire execution was a trap to lure Finn there by his father. The two of them engage in a sniper battle. Proteus, still just a hand, escapes its cage and saves H’ada from the gallows while Khalid and his men battle Mordantian soldiers.

They quickly flee, with Khalid taking his people into hiding. H’ada, Proteus, and Finn find Xarizah unconscious. They also bind and take Guy Renard. They regroup with the flesh golem, who is slowly achieving sentience and language. It begs them not to take him back to Methusaleh Fell. They enter the abandoned asylum where an alchemist is performing work on the rest of Proteus’s body. Theta, mind-wiped, is there as well. Proteus is forced to make a choice between Finn and Theta as the mind-wiped Theta almost kills the gunslinger.

As they make their way out of the asylum, Proteus finds a small tunnel, and at the end of it, there is a blond-haired, blue eyed child strapped to a table with black ichor being taken out of its body.



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